We all need treatment for ‘denial’ and ‘retirement savings insanity’, not least retirement industry itself

Without a major shake-up in the retirement savings industry, most of us – including big salary earners – face serious financial hardship. That’s the hard-hitting message from a man who has specialised in developing income-producing investments. Simon Pearse, CEO of Marriott, the Income Specialists, sets out the harsh realities faced by most South Africans who are … Read more

Labour law - unintended consequences

The unintended consequences of labour laws for the poor

This thought-provoking contribution came via e-mail from a BizNewz reader. It’s a very interesting piece, and a quick read to boot. Basically, this reader – a retired gent in his mid-sixties – considers the unintended consequences of measures intended to improve employment conditions. In particular, he thinks about the effect that minimum wages, unions, and central … Read more