Cees Bruggemans: Our SA cat has nine lives?   

The Anglo-Saxon banking crisis of 2008 didn’t kill us even if it forced some of us onto our bare knees. It did give the world a deep recession as 30% reduction in order levels sets in motion its own recessionary logic.

FT – Being childless…by choice

Why are we so intolerant of those who choose not to be parents? A childfree life is as good as any other – and often better


Cees Bruggemans: Risk 2015 reconsidered

We tend to handle complexity through organisation and planning. In the process, much becomes familiar and expected, to the point of believing we have the situation under control. Meanwhile, only a small corner of a much greater universe of events have been so contained.

Matthew Lester: January woes and Cape Town sushi skimming scams

January is always a lousy month. Bills, bills and even more bills. Slow cash flow. Follow that with a top up payment for any tax left from 2014 and a second provisional due at the end of February for the 2015 tax year.

Cees Bruggemans: Tempering oil company concern

The present fall in oil prices is not just due to swing producer behaviour. It is also, importantly, a function of the slowdown in global energy demand.