Bloomberg View: Korea’s “Nutgate” carries warning for SA deployed cadres

Here’s a Korean warning sign for the ANC’s destructive policy of “cadre deployment”, the appointment of party loyalists rather than competent internal candidates to top SOE jobs. In South Korea’s Nutgate scandal, the behaviour of a brattish Korean Air Lines executive, who is also the CEO’s daughter, has caused a national uproar which could see … Read more

Gold guru Nick Barisheff: Challenging Mainstream Propaganda

Crazy gold bug or rational analyst?  A man who interprets facts to get a guide on the future, or one who manipulates them to make his argument? There’s not much room for middle ground after reading Nick Barisheff’s latest take on the gold price, media propaganda, where the world is headed and what you should … Read more

Cees Bruggemans: Grexit fallout hits South Africa

There were early signs late last year, but the storm only broke in the opening moments of January 2015. Europe hitting new and old multiple potholes. It didn’t hit the Rand, but certainly the JSE.