Lucy Kellaway: Richard Branson “as much as you like” holiday offer a dud

I love Lucy Kellaway’s work. And mostly agree with her arguments. But not today. Ms Kellaway offers the counter to Richard Branson’s decision that those who work close to him at Virgin can in future decide to take holidays whenever they like. She reckons in the real world employees made this offer will take even less … Read more

Questions for Tim Noakes: Dummy’s Guide to Banting

Tim Noakes’s Banting diet has taken South Africa by storm – its devotees include the CEO of a major JSE-listed company. But how does it work? Biznews columnist Heather Dugmore put the relevant questions to Noakes. What follows is a Dummy’s Guide to Banting – or we may call it “how to lose unwanted kilos … Read more

Tim Noakes to critics: Let’s take off our shirts and compare

Right now South Africa can’t get enough of Tim Noakes. The sports scientist expanded his nutrition work on super athletes to himself and after years of confusion reached some very definite conclusions. But what he now recommends has been hotly countered by vested interests – turning the previously popular professor into persona non grata in … Read more

Richard Branson to Virgin staff: Take as much holiday as you please

It’s hard not to like Richard Branson. Having observed the super entrepreneur closely when sitting opposite sat him during an extended Press Conference in Davos, the man I saw was rather different to his public persona – he was humble, shy even. A genuine human being and much loved by those who work closely with … Read more

Lucy Kellaway: Why brightest young minds soon reject corporate drudgery

As we saw when she gave McKinsey a roasting last week, Lucy Kellaway prefers telling it like it is. This week the Financial Times of London’s best columnist takes a look at the cerebral side of corporate life. The best brains, apparently, reside in its young graduates. And, she says,  the brightest of them soon … Read more

Bruggemans: Plumbing in stalled SA economy needs a great big flush

By Cees Bruggemans     We all have something very basic in common, people, buildings and economies. As Bill Bryson might say, “it’s the plumbing, stupid”. Without good plumbing you are nowhere. But is it only good plumbing, or also the water supply? For without a good flushing you are still up-creek with a downwind … Read more

Divorce by Facebook – why online affairs rarely end happily ever after

Reading Heather Dugmore’s piece reminded me of a friend who joined the mushrooming statistics of Divorce by Facebook. His partner, a long-time online junkie, progressed to the point where she seemed to be spending every waking minute in front of her computer. They even joked about her loving the laptop more than him. But he … Read more

Heather Dugmore: Destruction of Brand Oscar – lessons for business and life

Reading this superb contribution by Heather Dugmore reminded me of two bits of business advice kept closest to my heart. One is how a reputation which takes a lifetime to build can be destroyed in an instant. The other is courtesy of Warren E Buffett who tells his 270 000 staffers that if they mistakenly … Read more