How to build your personal leadership brand in four steps

In an era in which there are more products and services than customers and every need is catered for, branding has become increasingly important for business growth and sustainability. Branding starts with the personal leadership brand of the individual running an organisation, notes HR expert Carl Eichstadt. In this article, Carl explains how a company’s … Read more

More on Drift: Culture is created through things we do every day. Not much to be proud of right now, SA

Biznews blogger Alexx Zarr reflects the dark mood which many fellow South African citizens have right now. And reminds us that culture is created by the way we do things, the standards we ascribe to through our daily actions. He echoes concern surrounding our collective Drift, a worrying slide articulated by former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, … Read more

Supporting Dave Woollam: How SA’s education system contributes to bad financial decision-making

It’s no secret that South Africa has a troubled education system. The country’s learners perform poorly on measures of reading and comprehension, mathematical literacy, and scientific knowledge and reasoning, which reduces their employ-ability and productivity, not to mention preventing them from achieving their full personal potential. But the damage wrought by an under-performing education system extends beyond just hobbling the … Read more

Communications 101: Social media not PR compliant, witness JP Morgan’s rude wake-up (with Stacy Keach video)

Those worthies within the communications division at US banking group JP Morgan had the best of intentions. But opening yourself up to the Twitterati is a long, long way from sending press releases to well-lunched reporters. JP Morgan triggered such a wave of abuse through its #AskJPM campaign on Twitter that its supposedly breakthrough idea … Read more

labour relations

Pragmatic trade union leadership exists: meet Solidarity’s Gideon Du Plessis

One of Karoo hamlet Prince Albert’s finest, retired labour consultant Bokkie Botha, took a swing at me in the latest Financial Mail – criticising my column on SA’s labour crisis as  “peddling a facile view”. Perhaps he’s right. But living at the sharp edge of business for a couple decades exposes one to realities and unintended … Read more

Why values matter in business: five key lessons from Tylenol Crisis from the “Tylenol Man” himself

Alan Hilburg is credited with the textbook case for successful management of a reputational crisis. Three decades back, the US-based communications guru crafted what was then an extremely innovative response to the famous Tylenol Crisis. The decision to remove $100m worth of the pain killers off shelves worldwide initially drew criticism as a massive over-reaction. … Read more