SA’s ultimate “lock up and go” – bids start at R100m

The seriously rich love penthouses. One Russian billionaire loves them so much he recently set a world record when forking out over R3bn for a penthouse in Monaco. Price-wise that makes South Africa’s best offerings appear positively puny. Stephen Pellerade works and lives in the rarified atmosphere of the super wealthy, building and selling properties … Read more

Time to buy Anglogold Ashanti – A Doubting Thomas changes his mind

Cape-based financial advisor David Melvill keeps his friends and associates well informed. He often drops me a line about his latest thinking – usually supporting a bullish view on gold shares. His latest article deserves to be shared. Drawn from research compiled by Trinity Asset Management’s Quinton George, it focuses on the attractions of the … Read more

Smart ideas for small businesses: the ‘online’ way and the old-fashioned way

When most of us are asleep, Irvine Green is awake thinking up new money-making ideas. Very little passes his attention. Whether it is his neighbour’s plants that could be pruned for free cuttings or the paucity of Barbie doll fashions in shop windows, everything holds profit potential for Irvine. In his blog this week, the … Read more

Women don’t actually want to make it to the top of the career ladder – Biznewz’s newest blogger

Gender quota conversations are right up there with religion and politics as dinner party killers. And, as I have discovered, career women are often among the staunchest opponents of having laws along the lines of black economic empowerment to redress the rampant and blatant chauvinism at the upper levels of corporations. Let me state upfront that I … Read more


Tax-free investments: Do Retirement Annuities make financial sense?

Wondering whether to save through an investment product called a Retirement Annuity (RA), which offers a tax deduction? Popular Biznewz blogger Enrico Liebenberg has crunched some numbers with a view to figuring out whether an RA is a good place to park your money. He looks at the types of returns you can expect from … Read more

Richard Shell

What Should I Do Next with My Life? New Ways to Define Success

Often, when we think about success we tend to equate it with gaining wealth, promotions, and prestige. But, of course, there’s so much more to life than the pursuit of material goals. In this fascinating transcript of an interview Wharton professor G. Richard Shell, he discusses a new approach to defining success that asks each … Read more