Tips on how to reinvent your business, from SA’s ‘dealer in hope and optimism’

It’s easy to be worried about your business’s long-term sustainability when you look at the speed at which technology is putting companies and industries into intensive care. Don’t accept what looks like the inevitable, though, because often the biggest business ideas are to be found in the most challenging times – right under our noses. … Read more

Who wants the highest investment returns? Probably not you

South African investors have shown they would rather avoid losing money than take the chances required to make the best returns. They have sheltered en masse in multi-asset class portfolios for the past three years. An investment in a lower-cost equity index tracker, meanwhile, would have won the investment race by a significant margin – … Read more

Reading on Borrowed Time

In this piece, a BizNewz reader and IT auditor ponders the role of books in the digital age. As an avid reader in his youth, he wants to believe that they still have a place, and laments that his busy schedule prevents him from spending as much time as he’d like reading. However, he concludes … Read more

The heart of the matter

We talk so much on this blog about money and wealth that we can sometimes forget that there’s more to life, like friends, family, and health. In this blog, dietician and speaker Celynn Erasmus reminds us of what really matters when she talks frankly about how to keep your heart healthy. Often, we think that … Read more

Solidarity’s SG Du Plessis: The wave of strikes has to be stopped

Like the frog in a pot brought slowly to boil, South Africans have started to accept strikes as normality. This excellent contribution from a trade union leader unpacks the reasons why strikes are becoming commonplace rather than the exceptions they should be. He argues rationally and passionately for a re-assessment of what has gotten the … Read more

A Legal Alien – A South African in New York (sorry Sting!)

One of the privileges of being Alec Hogg’s ‘hand langer’ is that I get to go to amazing places, learn lots and meet wonderful people. When Alec first went solo, Ian wrote to us to congratulate him on his blog and invite us to dinner whenever we were next in New York. As it happened, … Read more

Legacy of Marikana: investors should hope for the best, but plan for the worst

Will there be another Marikana? A year after violent clashes in the mining sector brought into sharp relief the socio-economic challenges that continue to bedevil South Africa, Gideon du Plessis, General Secretary of trade union Solidarity, reflects on what went wrong. He lists at least 20 reasons behind the conflict and warns that the problems … Read more

China’s Economic Rebalancing and What it means for Africa – A Case of Asian to African Geese?

One of the most important developments of the last twenty years has been the emergence of China as a major player on the world stage. As China invested in infrastructure and developing its primary and light industrial manufacturing sectors, it developed an almost insatiable hunger for resources. This hunger, together with the uncomfortable fact of … Read more