On black women, property ownership and unconsciously discovering being privileged

Good blogging is always personal. The sharing of experiences. That’s why this is such an excellent contribution. When he’s not competing in the Iron Man, Richard Wright trains property agents. Mostly. Sometimes he gets asked to talk to other people who are interested in finding out more about property. Like last Friday when he was … Read more

Have smart phones become too smart for business and social communication?

A little while back our talented young blogger Jes Edgson offered her perspective on why people of her age are obsessed with their cell phones. If you haven’t read it yet, go have a look at The thing about my generation. Jes’s latest piece will be published tomorrow. But it’s obviously not just the youthful … Read more

Who says you can’t dismiss expensive staff? Welcome to the employer’s secret weapon – Clause 189 of the LRA

South African Labour Legislation was copied from the old West Germany. A country which, on reunification with the East, promptly dropped many of its laws because the legislators knew they were unworkable in the “developing economy” environment the nation now faced. In South Africa, a combination of ignorance, complacency, political expediency and sheer bloody mindedness … Read more

Strate CEO Monica Singer explains why pioneering Uruguay is breaking so many moulds

Uruguay is doing much that the rest of the world can and is learning from. Like President Jose Mujica who drives an old VW Beetle and gives away most of his pay. And a brave Parliament which voted to fight the drug trade by de-criminalising Marijuana. There’s also the very public acknowledgement through stratospheric valuations … Read more


Playing QE up and down proves contrarians win some of

I’m always delighted to give a wider audience to the product of excellent thought processes. Like this article from Roy Topol, a gent who predicted the demise of 1Time while the shares were still surging. Here he offers a rational analysis of what to expect during the next leg in the Quantitative Easing saga. By … Read more