A month after Marikana – a healthy crisis


Sure it’s a crisis – but this is a healthy one

13 September, 2012

As the Financial Meltdown’s dust was settling, the Sage of Omaha mused that how we should never waste a good Crisis. Warren Buffett was referring to structural issues in the global banking system. Suggesting Main Street’s anxiety would spur regulators to do the right thing. But watching the past week’s media circus starring the arch opportunist from Limpopo, I can’t help thinking how well Buffett’s advice travels.

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BRK crowd

Four billion more reasons why we’re off to Omaha in May

BRK crowdOne of my heroes, Warren Buffett, elicited some surprising criticism recently from old pal, former journalist turned investment advisor Magnus Heystek. In a well read piece on the website I started above my garage back in 1997 (yes, it still hurts...) Magnus told the Moneyweb Community he’d rather listen to a group of local fund managers at Sun City than join our annual pilgrimage to Omaha. To each their own. But after today’s news about another major coup for Buffett, Big Mag might reconsider.

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Video: The Jobs speech

Video: Steve Jobs on living every day like it’s your last, joining the dots and more 

Spent an amazing afternoon yesterday. Together with 1 600 others at the Sandton Convention Centre, was treated to three hours of Robin Sharma. He referred a lot to the late Steve Jobs. Which reminded me of one of the greatest speeches of the modern era. Here’s the video.

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State of the Nation summary

Summary of SA President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Speech, delivered on Valentine’s Day 2013 (14 Feb).  

State of the Nation 2013:


• The Zuma Administration has embraced the National Planning Commission’s National Development Plan for South Africa. The ANC intends following this 20 year roadmap as its way to achieve required GDP growth of 5% plus to eliminate poverty, inequality and unemployment.
• A target of 11m new jobs by 2030 has been set. To achieve this the economy will need to treble in size. The business sector has identified obstacles that need to be removed. Further discussions will be held with business, labour and civic society to work together to address this challenge.

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SOTN and an interview with savvy young South Africans

I gave up my French lessons last week. It wasn’t easy. Neither the French nor the decision. But after two and a half weeks of intense focus, sanity finally prevailed around 3am one morning. What pray tell, my subconscious posed, will you do after the six week course ends? You won’t be able to speak like a Parisian, nor even avoid the sub-titles on the French movies. It’s a beautiful language. But needs a whole lot more than a six week investment to get even become proficient. So, I figured out in those early hours, spending four mornings a week plus hours on homework is an indulgence. Even for a forced gardener.

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Touch of class from Discovery – and it’s not just the cappuccinos

cappuccinoWent to a post-Davos breakfast at Discovery’s Head Office yesterday. Love engaging with Adrian Gore, one of my favourite CEOs, so jumped at the invitation despite being very much in “gardening leave” space. Over the years my respect for Adrian’s entrepreneurial vision has grown – and any opportunity to hear him talk about his passion for creative disruption is grabbed. Outside of that, he’s a tonic on a broader stage, too. Apart from the sharp, disciplined mind, Adrian’s enthusiasm about South Africa is infectious.

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