Ngozi: “Nigeria, growing at 6,7% is NOT South Africa”. No kidding.

Almost a decade ago on a fortunate Davos morning, I was the only member of the WEF’s Media Leaders programme to turn up for a session with then Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (right) . It turned into a privileged hour with the two people engineering that country’s debt forgiveness which, … Read more

Nkandla style

The Nkandla Style video – 200 000 views and rising

It’s not really surprising that Turkey’s out of touch leader has banned Twitter and Facebook. Social media is a politician’s worst nightmare. It gives frustrated citizens the ability to publish their opinions and shine searchlights into areas where darkness ruled. South Africa’s increasingly unpopular President Jacob Zuma is starting to feel the sharp edge of … Read more

NB Eskom: Biggest (coal-fired) power generator in Texas gone bankrupt

Here’s a story to send a chill through the heart of anyone in the coal sector. And executives at Eskom, which is investing heavily in two large coal-fired power stations just as hopes are soaring that South Africa is poised for a gas-based energy boom. The US’s fracking-driven revolution has slashed energy prices  to such … Read more

Business Day appoints new editor to replace Peter Bruce

Thirteen months after he took back the editor’s reins, Business Day’s Peter Bruce has handed them over once more. Bruce played a key role in getting his former employers at the Financial Times of London to offload its 50% of BDFM which then became wholly owned by Times Media, now controlled and managed by Andrew … Read more

MPC votes 4-3 so no change in Repo Rate but Marcus says we’re into rising cycle

Reserve Bank Governor Gill Marcus says four members of the Monetary Policy Committee voted to keep interest rates on hold, with the other three voting for an increase. Answering questions after her presentation, Marcus added that the country was now back into a rising interest rate cycle. Download Governor Marcus’s full MPC statement of this … Read more

Gustav Praekelt: Social media engagement with Oscar trial is game-changing

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial has in some ways been a watershed for local media. The high risk decision by Multichoice to devote a channel to proceedings proved hugely successful. It is sure to spawn a multitude of similar offerings. The unprecedented social media reaction has been equally  revolutionary. Digital specialist Gustav Praekelt shares results … Read more

Big leap for Africa’s potentially game-changing Inga Falls project

That Africa has the potential to be the next driver of global economic growth is indisputable. A billion people, untapped mineral resources, 60% of the world’s unexploited arable land, starting at a low base – the list is long and obvious. But as South Africa found to its cost over the past seven years, all … Read more

Steve Jobs Headshot

Thanks Steve – This is how customer service should work!

By Alec Hogg  A year ago, I subscribed through the Apple iTunes store to the online edition of Fast Company magazine. It became apparent quite quickly it wasn’t for me. With slow SA bandwidth the heavy downloads seemed to take forever. And when it arrived the content wasn’t adding much value. But I’d paid for … Read more