Bidvest’s R90m Premiership punt pales next to Chev, Emirates

By Alec Hogg The globalisation of Brian Joffe’s R100bn conglomerate Bidvest is reflected in its continued sponsorship of the Barclays Premier League club Sunderland for a cool R89.7m a year. One of last season’s strugglers, Sunderland has traditionally enjoyed one of the largest support bases. Its home base, the Stadium of Light, has the capacity … Read more

Andrew canter - future Growth

Canter: New regulations to permanently cut banking profitability

Futuregrowth’s chief investment officer Andrew Canter is one of the deeper thinkers in SA’s financial sector. He needs to be. His company does a lot of big ticket lending to banks, a field where a single big mistake can wipe out years of profit. Not surprisingly, Canter has been analysing how global regulators are working … Read more

Talk is cheap – it will take courage to get SA’s manufacturing normalised

By Alec Hogg Capital is cowardly and its custodians usually act discreetly. Not so Invicta’s CEO Arnold Goldstone whose insights yesterday on a continued slide in SA’s manufacturing were matched by his forthright opinions. In a nutshell, Goldstone says Invicta has extremely low union representation at its business units. That hasn’t made a jot of … Read more

This is the future: Planet Earth after the Tim Noakes Revolution

Good satire requires a light pen and a sharp intellect. One of the best local examples was my former colleague Jeff Zerbst (sadly, now an Aussie) a highly educated horse-racing nut who penned the brilliant Thomas Equinus column in the Mail & Guardian. Thanks to a good friend, we have discovered another in the same … Read more

A French reminder that SAs are sometimes be a tad over-critical

By Alec Hogg Had a wonderful dinner last night with friends from Normandy. He is one of France’s leading exponents in his profession and is seriously considering relocating to SA. Over the past five years my friend has invested heavily in a rundown KZN farm and tells us he’s thinking of selling up in Europe. … Read more

UNDICTATED: Dream Big in business – it’s the only way.

Every couple of months, one of the country’s finest writers, Gus Silber, encourages me to apply my mind for The Comet, an e-zine he compiles for another friend, Brightrock’s Suzanne Stevens. Given the demands of Biznews, my freelance writing is restricted to this single client. So I actually look forward to applying my mind – … Read more

Trusting Buffett: Karma will have her way with the corporate thugs

By Alec Hogg OK, so I might go on about Warren Buffett too much for some people’s liking. But his lessons are invaluable. And help steer my moral compass in an increasingly immoral business world. Buffett does his deals on a handshake. So do I. He tends to trust what people say, knowing that those … Read more

Aussie PM proposes multinational force to secure MH17 crash site

In Davos this year, I had the privilege of meeting Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He joked about the upcoming cricket series between his countrymen and the Proteas and spoke comfortably and intelligently about a range of issues. Our small group of heavyweight global editors were impressed. As they will be in his latest example … Read more

Open mind curious

The guaranteed method of remaining ignorant

By Alec Hogg Absolutely loved Jackie Cameron’s story that topped the Biznews charts yesterday. As she writes, Ian Liddle, John Biccard and some other money managers with a few grey hairs are once again coming out tops in the unit trust performance tables. The tougher the conditions, the greater one benefits from having been there, done that. … Read more

Remembering never to take our closest ally for granted

By Alec Hogg We’ve just finished watching the second and apparently final series of the British TV show Mr Selfridge. Being business based (retail) and historical (early 1900s) it had me from the opening credits. And like any really good series, the final episode was like losing a group of friends. As such things tend … Read more