Stock market predictions 2014: What’s realistic, what’s not

Ask anyone if they know where the stock markets are heading and they are likely to greet your question with disbelief. “If I knew that, I’d be rich,” is the type of answer you can expect to receive. Yet, there are many professionals who earn their keep by providing pointers on where assets might be … Read more

PIC buys more, boosts its Adcock Ingram stake to over 22%. Final nail for CFR bid?

Any lingering hope which Chilean group CFR entertained in its pursuit of Adcock Ingram surely ended this morning. The largest shareholder, the Public Investment Company, has been quietly accumulating stock. It announced through SENS that its stake in Adcock is now  22.3%, up from 18.9% stated in the pharma company’s most recent annual report.  Today’s announcement … Read more

Wealth creation: The investment case for Africa

Here’s an article that will put you in a great spending mood for 2014: fortunes are looking up for many businesses around Africa, with abundant opportunities for investors. Investment expert Mike Browne of Seed Investments highlights some major trends that could turbo-charge revenues for companies servicing the growing middle classes beyond South Africa’s borders. Mike … Read more

Wealth preservation: How to draw your retirement income

How do you draw income from life-long retirement savings so that you have enough to spend on a comfortable lifestyle – and enough left working for you to cater for later years? That’s one of the most vexing questions you will face when you retire because a mistake could easily shatter your dreams. Popular … Read more