Wealth preservation: How to draw your retirement income

How do you draw income from life-long retirement savings so that you have enough to spend on a comfortable lifestyle – and enough left working for you to cater for later years? That’s one of the most vexing questions you will face when you retire because a mistake could easily shatter your dreams. Popular Biznews.com … Read more

Flicker of hope for 2014 – deep value specialist, top business teacher Adrian Saville sees glass filling up

Adrian Saville has been in the news lately. The founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cannon Asset Managers, a visiting professor at GIBS, was ranked by students as one of the world’s best, getting 857 Facebook “Likes” (the most) in a competition run by The Economist. And last month Peregrine announced it has acquired a controlling … Read more

Investment highs: The case for buying tobacco companies and pharmaceutical giants; solid growth options

Anti-smoking campaigners have notched up enormous successes in their battle against tobacco companies. In Malaysia the sickly pairs of lungs decorating the box is enough to put you off having a puff, while in the UK it’s increasingly difficult for minors to buy cigarettes. Yet, tobacco companies have continued to produce wonderful returns for their … Read more