#WEF2014: Worldwide employment woes are unlikely to improve any time soon – CEO

Even as the global economy begins to heat up, worries around employment remain. Employers seem reluctant to hire despite the improvement in economic conditions, and contemporary businesses seem to require fewer and fewer workers to produce billion dollar results. It’s a difficult time to be in search of a job, and as this interview shows, … Read more

Davos Diary: Day Zero – The WEF invasion obvious everywhere (with pics)

By Alec Hogg DAVOS – Jeanette and I love coming to the WEF a day early. The quicker you can get into a regular sleeping pattern, the better. Sleep soon becomes treasured for those of us who travel to Davos during late January. Our early arrival was more valuable than usual this year. The Registration … Read more

Davos Diary: Day Zero – A flourishing Dorf, erm Platz (with pics)

  By Alec Hogg* Returning to the highest town in Europe is a reminder of how much the World Economic Forum keeps transforming Davos. Every year there seem to be more cranes. They’re building infrastructure only properly used one week a year. Those last few days of January when the world’s rich and powerful gather … Read more

#WEF14: Chronic gap between rich and poor in the spotlight

The World Economic Forum says its purpose is to improve the state of the world. Much has been achieved after more than 40 annual meetings since a small gathering in Davos got things started. For most of the year, the WEF staff invest enormous effort in assessing global risks and analysing the best way to … Read more