Being empathetic to those in need: Anglo American Platinum’s Ernest Mncube on the CEO SleepOut

JOHANNESBURG — What’s interesting about interviewing the guests of the CEO SleepOut™ is that they are all taking part in the event for different reasons. From Anglo American’s side, there’s quite a number of attendees. And in this interview, Ernest Mncube, who works for Anglo American Platinum, explains why he’s taking part in this year’s event after being invited by CEO Chris Griffith. – Gareth van Zyl

My name is Ernest Mncube. I’m working for Anglo American Platinum. So, I’ve been invited by the CEO of Anglo American Platinum, Mr Chris Griffith, to come and join him on the 2018 SleepOut™ Movement as one of the ambassadors of the movement.

Interesting, Ernest so, is this your first CEO SleepOut™ then?

Yes, it’s my first CEO SleepOut™. I heard about it in 2015 so I’ve been following it through Jacaranda FM most of the time, and I’ve been wanting to be part of this.

Do you think that you’re prepared for it, it’s going to be quite cold on that night?

Yes, I’m prepared for it. I mean, where I work, I’m working at the mine so, I’m usually up around about 04h00 or 05h00, and it’s really quite cold, and I’m prepared and I’m willing to go through this. It’s not really about me, but it’s about the impact that I can give to other people’s’ lives.

The historic Liliesleaf Farm in Rivonia.

Why do you think it’s important to take part in something like the CEO SleepOut™? What significance does it have?

I mean, to some extent, if you look at it the CEOs… for them to sleep on the streets and feel the cold and feel the impact and feel how the other guys are feeling…feel how the homeless people are feeling and feel how those children in the streets are feeling. It makes a great difference, and one can say, ‘this guy we see him as a highly respected person and he’s doing this humble act.”.

How many people from Anglo are going to be attending this, because it seems like there’s quite a few of you?

Yes, I think from the email that I’ve seen, there should be six of us that are attending the CEO SleepOut™. The CEO is also included.

Just for other business people out there. Why would you say it’s important for them to give back in a country like SA?

Everything starts off small. Everything starts off with the guys that we have. I mean, the company that we are working for, the guys who are actually doing the production. It makes a huge impact to say, we as management, or we as the CEOs, we’re coming to their level and we want to feel how they’re feeling. To them they also appreciate. Above all, we are raising funds for most of these people so, it makes a huge deal and a huge difference.

All right, well, thank you so much for chatting to me, Ernest, and I wish you the best of luck with the night.

Thank you so much.

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