All hail to Lucy Kellaway – and other journos who keep a distance

By Alec Hogg

Enjoyed a productive half hour yesterday with an MBA student researching the relationship between financial journalists and business leaders. Her probe asked whether closer relationships would improve the flow of information; whether friendships enhance or detract from the service both provide their constituencies.

The best answer was in yesterday’s contribution to Biznews by Lucy Kellaway. The FT’s most popular columnist stripped the veneer from some banal predictions by super-expensive global consulting firm, McKinsey. Lucy ventured that McKinsey’s forecast of what the world would look like in 50 years were actually quite ridiculous. She concluded with a more likely scenario that McKinsey itself wouldn’t exist.

McKinsey pays lobbyists millions to boost its reputation. All that investment counts for nothing with Lucy Kellaway, a journalist who simply cannot be bought. More strength to her keyboard. And to those of all other journalists who keep a healthy distance between themselves and those they report on.

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