BNC#5: Crime-fighting activist Ian Cameron gets up-close and personal in Q&A

After his excellent BNC#5 presentation on South Africa’s merciless crime rate and captured SA Police Service, Ian Cameron of Action Society engaged with BizNews Community members who attended the conference at Drakensberg Sports Resort in March 2023. The crimefighting activist is typically forthright in his responses, sharing an untold story which explains so much about the country’s decline into a nation where crime is commonplace as criminals fear no consequences. BizNews founder Alec Hogg hosted him.

Please see timestamped topics below:

  • 00:00 Ian Cameron on Major General Mochologi
  • 01:22 On the captured SAPS and clean-up required to get South Africa on the right track
  • 03:21 On the Cape Town Metro Police doing exemplary work
  • 06:32 On whether the ruling party is deliberately keeping the crime rate high in the Western Cape to reflect badly on the DA’s governance
  • 09:03 On Gayton McKenzie’s BNC#5 presentation and Q&A
  • 10:20 On the Patriotic Alliance’s campaign to attack gang criminality in the Cape Flats
  • 12:10 On the solutions to South Africa’s chronic crime rate
  • 15:11 On Gayton McKenzie’s ambition to bring back the death penalty in SA

Excerpts from Alec Hogg and BNC#5 delegates’ Q&A with Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron on potential solutions to South Africa’s crime rate

We need skilled, well-trained people. The first slide that I showed was about organised crime, etc. We need to stop with the mentality of making mass arrests but zero convictions. We go with the crime stats release. We’ve made X hundred thousand arrests on the following offence, but there’s no conviction. So what’s the point? They’re just back on the streets. We’re creating an environment for criminals to become utterly professional in what they do. 

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I spoke of polygraphs, and I know they aren’t always the be-all and end-all, but it makes someone nervous and gives you an idea of where to start investigating. We said we need a special court for criminal cops. We can’t wait for delays, etc. We need to clean it up definitively. 

On Bheki Cele and rot in SA’s police management.

I would make the accusation, and I stand to be corrected, that the entire police management has been captured. I know it sounds very sad and everything, but we are in deep trouble. This is not something that’s going to be fixed overnight. Bheki Cele has absolutely no clue what he’s doing. In many townships, they call him the minister of crime scenes and condolences because that’s all he does. He wastes taxpayer money to fly from place to place; there’s zero strategic direction. 

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I know of anti-gang cops who have been there for years and have never, ever had a specialised course. He came straight out of college. He was put in AGU, and they sometimes shoot a few times a week, and they haven’t had extra training. They put their lives on the line. So the fish rots from the head. If we don’t clear up the top, it’s like sticking a plaster on a wound that needs surgery. 

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