A better way to apply BLF’s activist energy – remove scales from their eyes.

By Alec Hogg

We’ve had a busy week, packing up our household ahead of our first UK move. Our little home served us well over the past year, but it is rare one hits the jackpot first time. It’s day one in the new abode but already obvious it has much of what Saffers miss about home. And right now England’s sunny weather helps.

Being in the UK hasn’t stopped me being given stick by critics back in SA. Particularly by a splinter activist group called BLF apparently created and paid for by Bell Pottinger on behalf of the Guptas. They named me among seven “racist” protectors of White Monopoly Capital and purveyors of “fake news”.

They started by “protesting” outside Times Media editor Peter Bruce’s home in usually peaceful Parkview. As BPott has resigned the Gupta account, it’s unlikely our corner of sleepy Surrey is about to be disturbed that way. So we won’t get to test whether the local constabulary would be equally accommodating.

But you have to wonder about all this activist energy being wasted on so destructive a mission. It must be generating some interesting familial discussions, too. Their national spokesman is one Lindsey Maasdorp*.

The real challenge, perhaps, is to turn their pent up anger into something productive. That would be triggered by removing scales from eyes that refuse to acknowledge the real source of SA’s corruption and national resource plunder. Ideas anyone?

*Correction – I erred in the initial version of this story by describing the national spokesman of BLF, Lindsey Maasdorp, as the son of business executive Leslie Maasdorp. A friend of Maasdorp (snr) called to heap praise on the man’s actual son (Mikhail) adding that he was certainly no firebrand radical. Leslie Maasdorp confirms that they are not related and messaged that “I do not want my name or that of my family to be associated with this group.” My sincere apologies to all concerned for the cock up. – AH

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