We’ve re-opened bookings for FW de Klerk; plus Bell Pottinger and TeamTalk

Things move fast in this Internet Age.

Hard to believe it’s only six weeks since Jeanette and I joined three dozen or so others outside the Bell Pottinger offices in High Holborn. Our vocal little group was part of a DA Abroad protest expressing our distaste at the London PR company’s role in agitating racial friction in South Africa.

Back then Bell Pottinger seemed impregnable, its executives not prepared to really ‘fess up. Now its CEO and chairman have gone and many industry players say the company which employs 250 people will soon be closing shop. This Gupta Curse is a very powerful thing.

Such is the interest in the subject that it featured prominently in the new TeamTalk podcast where you can eavesdrop on Bob Skinstad and I providing insights into the main business and sports stories of the past week.

Have a listen – TeamTalk is designed to give you the back story, something that’s always more interesting than what is released into the public domain. We’ve had some good feedback. If you’d like to be reminded of when our latest chat is available, subscribe to the TeamTalk newsletter by clicking here.

The other bit of news for you is we’ve managed to get a slightly bigger room at the Institute of Directors for the Biznews Forum London event featuring FW de Klerk on Wednesday at 6:30pm.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and hear the Nobel Peace Prize winner here in London and the format will make it fun and engaging. Also, as the tickets have mostly been bought by fellow Saffers, I won’t be the only person you know there.

If you want to take advantage of this second bite at the cherry please act quickly –  click here for the booking page.


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