Right of Reply: Angry KPMG says Biznews, Abedian has defamed them

EDINBURGH — KPMG has accused BizNews of publishing reckless statements about its role in the Zupta state capture scandal. It has consistently ignored BizNews requests to respond to allegations in the public domain. KPMG has also ignored requests to give the full facts about its role in manipulating taxpayers’ money out of Free State coffers to pay for a lavish Gupta wedding at Sun City in 2013. KPMG has also ignored questions from BizNews about its role in producing a R23m report, paid for by taxpayers, aimed at ousting forces for good within the South African Revenue Service. The tax collecting authority is now in crisis and the South African economy is shrinking as a result of the Zupta plundering and games. In his bestselling book The President’s Keepers, Investigative journalist Jacques Pauw explains why ousted KPMG executives were the worst kind of white monopoly capital (see snapshots below). No doubt Pauw will be receiving a call from KPMG soon, too. In terms of the policy of affording individuals the right of reply, BizNews publishes KPMG’s request to take down content. We look forward to hearing, in due course, more from KPMG on exactly what they mean. – Jackie Cameron

KPMG: Take down reckless statements

As discussed, your article published on 3 November 2017 titled: “Justice denied: Accounting body sweeps KPMG scandal under carpet in classic delay tactic” says:

Yet, it doesn’t take a team of VIP lawyers to see what has been laid out in the public domain: irrefutable evidence that KPMG employees have aided and abetted the corrupt and watched as financial irregularities – ranging from money laundering and tax-dodging – took place on their watch.”

This statement is highly defamatory of KPMG South Africa and seems designed to damage the reputation of KPMG South Africa rather than having any basis upon which it could be considered fair comment.

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I addition, we note that in an interview with Biznews published on 11 October 2017 about KPMG, you published defamatory and completely unfounded statements made by Iraj Abedian including:

“KPMG International … is trying to cover up as much as it can get away with” and “potentially”, KPMG may “destroy the evidence…”.

We request that these statements be taken down immediately. We recognise the value of fair comment, however, these statements are reckless.

Best regards,

Nqubeko Sibiya

Communications Specialist, Marketing and Communications, KPMG Services (Proprietary) Limited

Jacques Pauw on KPMG: White monopoly capital of the worst kind

Pauw on a said KPMG meeting with underworld figure Mark Lifman:

Pauw on KPMG’s role in the so-called SARS-Wars.

Iraj Abedian

Iraj Abedian: Extracts from Abedian interview with BizNews – KPMG liabilities

“there is more than enough indications that KPMG International is liable. If facts come out the firm is liable for the damage that they’ve caused to SA. We’re now talking about, let’s say, getting R1.6bn from McKinsey but if we are going1 to put a claim against KPMG – it will run into hundreds of billions of US dollars, (at the very least) so, KPMG International understandably, is trying to manage the agenda, and manage the process and cover up as much as it can get away with. Potentially, and I emphasise ‘potentially,’ destroy the evidence but if they appoint an independent external forensic team, as opposed to an internally managed process – they could end up being liable for all of this.”

  • Dr. Iraj Abedian is an economist by training, has extensive business and research experience in South Africa. Since 1994 he has been involved in macroeconomic policy making and is a respected adviser to a number of public and private sector organisations. Dr. Abedian served as the chief economist and EXCO member of Standard Bank Group of SA over 2000 to 2004 (may) before co-founding Pan-African Capital Holdings in 2005. Iraj was the Special Advisor to Minister of Mineral Resources, SA Government. He is also an Extraordinary Professor at Gordon Institute of Business Science(GIBS), University of Pretoria (March 2010).
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