How to take radical personal responsibility for SA’s future – Paul Heather

CAPE TOWN — It seems so simple, but engaging with your neighbour at their point of need and taking radical personal responsibility in the spirit of Ubuntu are far more powerful than complaining about the evils of our society or depending upon politicians, money or social manipulation to effect change. That’s the approach of retired businessman, Paul Heather, who suggests that just ten percent of our population are already uplifting this country and creating a constructive positive vision that could easily go viral. We tend to get sucked into a spiral of negativity which blinds us to rational, uncomplicated solutions. It’s an almost Gandhian alternative approach and you don’t need to be spiritual or a history buff to know about the changes Gandhi achieved, both on these shores and in India. Heather, 76, is walking the walk in Montagu’s local township where he’s creating employment opportunities with furniture production, vegetable gardens clothes-making, a supermarket and working with street kids in an uplifting dance program. His wife, Fran, leads the Hug-a-Baby project which every year provides 3,000 mothers of new babies in five State hospitals with a bag of goods to help meet her and her baby’s immediate needs upon returning home. – Chris Bateman

By Paul Heather

I really appreciate Biznews and your efforts to make positive comment upon SA’s societal issues. We work more at street level and are very aware of the underlying fears gathering momentum. The lack of tangible hope is sometimes reflected by your commentators.

The Media and their followers seem to be caught up in an intensifying spiral of negativity without offering any rational solutions. There is little constructive vision being voiced, without which a nation sinks to oblivion.

Across Southern Africa, despairing arms are rising with heartsore cries of “Who is going to help us?”

But there is good news. The solution is already here! It doesn’t need money, clever leaders, social manipulation or political interference and is immediately effective. In this country there is an extraordinarily powerful, fit, well trained, gifted, multi-lingual and well-armed volunteer army of 5-6 million people, all with a common purpose, to uplift South Africa.

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The Commander in chief has declared that if His army will take up active service on the battlefront local to themselves, they will win! Victory will provide a heart transplant for South Africa. A new heart full of practical love for others. South Africa will exchange its fears for a thrilling future!

Right now this army is based in every village, town and city of SA. It is already exercising and expressing practical selfless love to its neighbours. With more soldiers choosing active service this army will quickly bring positive change to both this Nation and Nations to the North.

Church leaders be aware, if you go in this direction, count the cost. Your local church will utterly change in character, many, many, small groups of 2 & 3 and more will flourish with or without you. Get out there, loving with your people, drop everything else. Do not try to organise, administer or control, you will fail. Notes to consider are freely available at [email protected].

Fully resourced lets actively engage with our neighbours at their point of need. This army brings freedom from fear; a new personal value system and a clear tangible life changing hope that will renew the spirit of this Nation, just what SA needs.