Devil’s work: How Howa spun a yarn for Zwane – and 3 more MUST-READ #GuptaLeaks stories

EDINBURGH — A treasure chest of emails has fallen into the hands of South Africa’s top independent investigative journalists. The correspondence contains damning evidence that President Jacob Zuma has been caught and captured by the Gupta family and delivers proof that the Zupta network runs wide and deep. Teams are working hard at assessing messages as they piece together the astonishing takeover of South Africa’s most powerful state departments and ministries by the group dubbed #Zupta – a combination of Zuma and Gupta. The Zupta pillage threatens the economy, social stability and this relatively new democracy. Although state capture allegations have dominated the news for the past 18 months, these accusations have not been tested in court – in part because the law enforcement agencies are like putty in #Zupta hands. Those fingered in connection with irregularities have denied all wrong-doing. Now the final pieces of the puzzle are coming together, thanks to the brave efforts of a small army of journalists. The revelations are appearing across the media. In the BizNews #GuptaLeaks section, updated daily from today, you will find snapshots of the key developments on what is undoubtedly the most important story in decades. We also name and shame the rogues in this scandal. – Jackie Cameron

Catch up on the #GuptaLeaks stories here on BizNews.

#GuptaLeaks. More of Zapiro’s magic available on his website

1. #GuptaLeaks: Former Oakbay CEO Nazeem Howa was Zwane’s spin doctor

In this article, Liesl Peyper of Fin24 exposes the behind-the-scenes correspondence between Nazeem Howa, former CEO of the Gupta-owned OakbayTony Gupta and President Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane. The #Guptaleaks show how the family and their associates dictated to Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane what he should say to the media.

“Howa on February 2 2016 wrote to Duduzane Zuma and Tony Gupta to ask their input on altogether 14 questions he anticipated Zwane could expect from the journalists. He also drafted comprehensive answers for Zwane.” Read more here.

2. Gupta empire as threatened as Zuma’s cabal – another company ditches Oakbay

Not a moment too soon, some might say, as the River Group finally decides to terminate its role as Oakbay Resources and Energy sponsor on the JSE. Oakbay Resources is facing mounting challenges as media houses publish daily exposés from the #GuptaLeaks, a database of between 100,000 and 200,000 emails that reveal behind-the-scenes communications of the Guptas’ many enterprises.

Oakbay recently reported an operating loss of R1.279bn for the year to end-February 2017, from a prior loss of R1.5m. Read more here

3. Over 100 000 Gupta emails said to be leaked: Expect more Zuma bombshells

“We have now brought that forward and placed the full #GuptaLeaks in the care of an offshore organisation which will load it to a secure platform, from where it will soon be accessible to many bona fide journalists, including the Sunday Times and City Press… This information is both too dangerous and too important not to share.” Read more on the Guptaleaks.

Also on BizNews: We profile Bell Pottinger’s Victoria Geoghegan: The PR who got together with Duduzane Zuma to plot a propaganda campaign to unsettle South Africa

London-headquartered public relations firm Bell Pottinger has repeatedly demonstrated that it has served as puppet master to create havoc and hardship in South Africa and elsewhere. Its South Africa ‘mastermind’ is Victoria Geoghegan, who deliberately set out to deceive South Africans and sow animosity in communities. More on Victoria Geoghegan here.

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