News ‘prostitute’ Bell Pottinger’s Victoria Geoghegan has ‘sold her soul’: Mailbox – #GuptaLeaks

EDINBURGH — South Africans are sickened to the core to learn that Victoria Geoghegan, the creative mastermind behind the ‘white monopoly capital’ narrative and smear campaigns targeting President Jacob Zuma’s critics, was promoted by her firm. London-based Bell Pottinger has shrugged off criticism that its strategy to heighten racial tension and sow division in order to further corrupt Gupta interests is anything other than a case of “all in a day’s work”. The Public Relations (PR) firm went a step further by appointing Geoghegan to managing director of the agency’s financial and corporate division. The CEO of an asset management company in Cape Town dropped BizNews a note, saying: “It really pains me what this company and Victoria Geoghegan have been allowed to do with its ‘strategy’ and attack on credible journalists. Victoria Geoghegan, and the ‘professionals’ of Bell Pottinger, at the very least should be banned from South Africa. In my mind what she did is similar to steroids in sport…any idiot can create a false narrative. But in sport if you cheat (and get caught) you are cast aside (and sued, ask Lance). In PR it seems, you get promoted!”. BizNews visitor David Macdonald goes a step further, drawing similarities between Victoria Geoghegan and some of the evil people in history. – Jackie Cameron

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By David Macdonald

Victoria Geoghegan, MD: Financial & Corporate at Bell Pottinger

My father spent four odd years in Stalag 111B after Tobruk in 1941. The Siege lasted for 241 days before he and a few thousand men were transported to Germany. Many lost their lives after the British bombed the transport trains that they were being shipped in, as they were regarded as “irrelevant”.

After the war, most of the fighting men voted for the Nationalists as they had experienced the lack of British loyalty whilst on the battle field, most believed that they had won the war but lost the right to have a job/house/life.

These fighting men changed the countries political direction and we all know where that led us. Are the British doing it again to South Africa?

Victoria can add her name to the likes of Bertie Wooster (lord Haw Haw) and Wolf Mittler. They too spread news that caused death and hardship.

Money for goods that are immoral has many names. Prostitution is one that comes to mind. Ms Geoghegan has sold her soul.

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