#GuptaLeaks provide proof to jail THESE four ministers for state capture crimes: law expert

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A detailed picture is emerging of a state capture strategy that runs deep and wide as journalists piece together the conversations contained in thousands of emails in the #GuptaLeaks treasure trove.

Journalists at amaBhungane have highlighted correspondence that indicates that South African Revenue Service officials were giving the Gupta family confidential information on tax investigations. And, writing for the Daily Maverick, Constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos says there is enough in the #GuptaLeaks to prove the following:

  • Several government ministers – in particular Faith Muthambi, Mosebenzi Zwane, Lynne Brown, Malusi Gigaba – have been captured by the Guptas;
  • Some board members of state-owned entities have been leaking confidential documents to the Guptas and their associates, indicating that they have been captured;
  • Several high ranking officials in state owned enterprises have been doing the bidding of the Guptas, “helping them to extract billions of Rand from various state owned enterprises…and hence from ordinary citizens”;
  • The fact that boards have not suspended these officials provides further evidence that the boards of state owned enterprises support the capturing of the state by the Guptas and are willing to protect those involved in it.

AllAfrica says the damaging content revealing Gupta influence includes:

  • One email showing that Gupta family was given the Minister of Mineral Resources Mosebenzi Zwane’s CV, a month before he was appointed by President Zuma;
  • An email confirming that Minister Des van Rooyen, who was appointed by Zuma to replace Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene and removed after four days when the economy took a nose dive, had his trip to Dubai fully paid for by the Guptas;
  • Communication between former Communications Minister Faith Muthambi and the Guptas on government’s policy plans.

The Sunday Times has highlighted the roles of Brown and Gigaba in placing Gupta-friendly associates – such as disgraced Eskom boss Brian Molefe – in key roles at state entities.

So far, South African law-enforcement agencies haven’t made an obvious move to bring anyone to book in connection with the state capture scandal that has hammered the economy and eroded democracy.

Other news you might have missed about what the #GuptaLeaks prove about state capture:

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South Africans are sickened to the core to learn that Victoria Geoghegan, the creative mastermind behind the ‘white monopoly capital’ narrative and smear campaigns targeting President Jacob Zuma’s critics, was promoted by her firm. London-based Bell Pottinger has shrugged off criticism that its strategy to heighten racial tension and sow division in order to further corrupt Gupta interests is anything other than a case of “all in a day’s work”. The Public Relations (PR) firm went a step further by appointing Geoghegan to managing director of the agency’s financial and corporate division. Read more here.

2. Revealed! How Gupta brothers taught Independent group’s Iqbal Survé a state capture trick or two #GuptaLeaks

Surprise, surprise! The role of Iqbal Survé in state capture – which is effectively a method to access government funds through influence and contracts – has been brought into sharp relief in emails leaked to journalists at amaBhungane and the Daily Maverick’s Scorpio. The Independent news media group’s boss has described himself as “a good friend of the Guptas”. Read more here

3.  Doing Daddy’s dirty work: Duduzane Zuma is Jacob Zuma’s right-hand man – #GuptaLeaks

President Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma is a key figure in the #Zupta campaign to siphon funds out of state coffers. This is apparent as the investigative teams at amaBhungane and Scorpio make sense of correspondence contained in the most sensational information leak South Africa has possibly ever seen. The emails, dubbed #GuptaLeaks, contain evidence that prove allegations that President Jacob Zuma has allowed an immigrant family to pull the levers of political power and raid state coffers. Zuma’s son has been working directly with the Gupta family, using the Zuma name to further Gupta interests and living the life of a rich person as the benefits of state capture flow back to him. Read more here.

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