Dirty diplomat exposed! Bruce Koloane works on global Gupta deals, but Saffers pay his salary

EDINBURGH — Bruce Koloane, Ambassador to the Netherlands, has no shame. After being demoted for working in Gupta family interests by helping them to land a private plane at an airforce base, it didn’t take him long to find his way into a senior state job  – and continue doing the same thing again. Only this time, Bruce Koloane is doing much more than allowing the Gupta family to use state property as their own. He is actively involved in negotiating global business deals for the Guptas, even though he draws a salary as a South African diplomat. – Jackie Cameron

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Bruce Koloane took the blame for Guptagate, the scandal in which the Gupta family was given permission to land a private jet carrying wedding guests at Air Force Base Waterkloof. But it didn’t take long for him to bounce back and be rewarded for carrying the can.

The former chief of state protocol, Bruce Koloane was demoted to liaison officer after Guptagate, but he was soon on the rise in government circles. He landed a diplomatic posting in the Netherlands in 2014. Since then, he has continued to serve the Guptas instead of the taxpayers who pay his salary.

Bruce Koloane. Photo taken from Diplomat Affairs Magazine’s website.

The role of Bruce Koloane in the Gupta family’s global business empire has been highlighted in the #GuptaLeaks, a treasure trove of emails leaked from the heart of the Gupta operations in South Africa.

The ace team of investigative journalists at amaBhungane have unearthed evidence firming up Koloane’s activities. The revelations underscore that South Africa has become a kleptocracy, with state officials in and outside the country abusing their influence and positions to oil the Gupta machinery.

It also reinforces the perception that the Gupta family are pulling the levers of power in South Africa – and not the politicians who were voted into Parliament. Making this all the more remarkable is that the Gupta family is not of South African origin.

The Gupta brothers immigrated from India and have used money to transform former freedom fighters, journalists and others once respected for making personal sacrifices in the national interest into corrupt thieves focused on self-enrichment.

The brilliant Zapiro explains Jacob Zuma’s impact on South African wealth. For more of his magic, click here.

The extent of state capture is so overwhelming that the state law enforcement agencies appear unwilling or impotent to act against the Zupta gang.

Bruce Koloane is one of an army of corrupt state officials who serve at the feet of the Gupta brothers.

The #GuptaLeaks, says amaBhungane, show that:

  • Bruce Koloane met with Dutch businessmen in The Hague in 2015 to negotiate a deal with a manufacturer of greenhouse systems on the Guptas’ behalf. He was already ambassador;
  • Koloane’s friends were allowed to stay at the Guptas’ upmarket private game lodge in Limpopo around the time of the negotiations with the Dutch greenhouse company;
  • Koloane sent Chawla documents on a prospective coal mining site in KwaZulu-Natal in the midst of the Waterkloof fallout; and
  • He attended the controversial Gupta wedding at Sun City and stayed at the resort for three nights.

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