Tim Noakes in his own words – video on why his high-fat, low-carb diet works!

By Marika Sboros

Here’s a video (scroll down below) of a talk University of Cape Town sports scientist Prof Tim Noakes  gave recently at a Low Carb DownUnder event in Melbourne, Australia, on his low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet. It sheds light on what makes him so incendiary to fellow academics, scientists, medical doctors and dietitians.

Tim Noakes
Prof Tim Noakes with some low-carb, high-fat foods

It explains why, while there’s not much Che Guevara-like about Noakes (except perhaps for the charisma), he  is revolutionary on the political nutrition science front; and why he is working to overthrow conventional ‘wisdom’ on nutrition, diet, weight loss, drugs to treat chronic diseases – and the vested interests that feed off it.

It explains the research by top scientists internationally behind his about-turn that so infuriated his peers. It also explains why Noakes no longer subscribes to beliefs he once held close to his own heart – that saturated fat clogs arteries, causes heart disease and stroke.

It  makes it easier to understand why Noakes’s LCHF (aka “Banting”)  is such big news, locally and globally; why Banting restaurants are popping up in Cape Town, among them 65 On Main Lifestyle Food & Banting Café and The Banting Kitchen in Green Point; why Colcacchio in Johannesburg will soon offer a ‘Banting pizza’ (with a cauliflower crust); and why Banting products are proliferating.

Noakes’ critics continue to pillory, libel, defame and ridicule him on major public platforms, and to present him as the closest thing to nutrition’s antichrist. He can count himself lucky there are no modern equivalents of stocks and  crucifixion for anyone crazy, or courageous, enough to go against orthodox teachings.

So, make yourself an appetite-satieting “Banting” snack of nuts, biltong, cheese, broccoli, or whatever else takes your fancy from the recipes in his Real Meal Revolution, sit back, relax, and watch a compelling talk on the real Noakes revolution – in his own words:

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