Rob Opie on cancer – cracking the code and conquering dread disease

Listen to Rob Opie, a human brand specialist, author and  man on a mission, talking about cancer – how to  help people understand themselves well enough to conquer it. Opie has made it his life’s work to study the champions. He says that same drive can help others  face cancer and overcome it. It’s a complementary approach, that includes conventional medicine. I invited him to the BizNews studio for a chat, to explain what’s involved. If you want to know more, visit his website afterwards (click here), and download his free ebook. It’s well worth it. MS

MARIKA SBOROS: Welcome back to all my listeners out there. I’m Marika Sboros, Biznews Health. In the studio today, I have a very intriguing guest – Rob Opie. He is a Human Brand Specialist and author of an intriguing and free e-book, which I’ll tell you how to get later on. It’s called Cracking the Cancer Code. Rob, thank you very much for coming into the studio.

ROB OPIE: Hello, Marika. It’s great to be here today.

MARIKA SBOROS: Rob, your e-book is called Cracking the cancer Code, but you’re a Human Brand Specialist. Why cancer?

ROB OPIE: Why cancer? Look, my entire career has been exploring human greatness. Now, that’s about elevating people’s lives to the next level and helping people “do life” better. There’s a flipside to that coin and it’s called human implosion. Cancer is a case where something’s going wrong in somebody’s life. How do you go out and fix that? That’s where we are with cancer and the research.

MARIKA SBOROS: Well, cancer’s a very daunting diagnosis to people, is it not?

ROB OPIE: Well certainly, it is but there’s another side to it. You’ll see that for many people who’ve come through cancer, it’s the start of a new journey.

MARIKA SBOROS: When we spoke earlier… you speak about the symptom and not the disease.

ROB OPIE: Well, our approach is different. It certainly is complementary with modern medicine. Maybe I could explain where our inspiration comes from and where our research has been. He’s none other than a gentleman who grew up in Pretoria, a gentleman called Elon Musk.

MARIKA SBOROS: Oh, yes. The space man.

ROB OPIE: He’s a little bit more than that. What we take out of him is he this: he goes out and finds out what’s not working. What’s going to affect humankind the most? What’s not working and how do you go out and fix it? That’s been our approach. Many things with cancer aren’t working. There’s not enough success out there. We wanted to turn that around so we did a lot of  interactive research, in other words,  how do we come about with a new approach that complements modern medicine?

MARIKA SBOROS: So are you, in effect, saying that you can cure cancer?

ROB OPIE: Well, we’re not fans of the word “cured”. We much prefer the word “conquer” as in “conquered cancer”.

MARIKA SBOROS: Is there a difference between conquering it and curing it?

ROB OPIE: There’s a huge difference.

MARIKA SBOROS: So what’s the difference?

ROB OPIE: Well, anybody who gets to their doctor and hears the words ‘you have cancer’… Their first/immediate thing is obviously, you panic etcetera. The approach is ‘we’re going to fight this. We’re going to beat this. We’re going to battle that’. Now, remember where [inaudible] used to come from Mt. Everest. You don’t beat the mountain. We believe you conquer cancer, which is a completely different approach.

MARIKA SBOROS: In a nutshell, can you give me the elements of your approach please, for our listeners?

ROB OPIE: Well, if you’re fighting something, what you’re really doing is you are supressing the symptom. When you’re facing a disease, which is the opposite of any ease, there’s a reason why it’s there. There’s a message out there. Our approach is “you have to start listening”. What is that message? You need to take heed of that message and then make the necessary changes. If somebody hasbeen successful with chemotherapy or radiation, you’ll find that person has done something else and that something is called introspection, which has equal measures of self-love and self-honesty involved.

MARIKA SBOROS: Rob, could I just butt in there to say…you are not at any stage, suggesting that people do not go the conventional treatment route.

ROB OPIE: No, never. That’s the right thing to do. It’s certainly the right thing to do because one of the important parts of conquering cancer is what we call the support leg. Firstly, that leg can be your family. It can be your faith. It can be all the doctors’ support around you. You need all the support you can get but on top of that, you need the knowledge and more importantly, you have to realise that you’re the number one doctor.

MARIKA SBOROS: So where can people get this help from you?

ROB OPIE: Well, what we’ve done now in October, is we’ve started an online resource centre, which is based in Durban, but we consult in different ways, for example Skype, the telephone, even electronically via email, but that’s where we’re offering a resource centre. This resource centre is not just about conquering cancer. It’s about preventing cancer. That’s the greatest joy we get – to help people and help families turn this thing around.

MARIKA SBOROS: And in this digital wold of ours, how can people find you on the Internet?

ROB OPIE: Well, we have a site out there. It’s a little bit different. It’s and there you can download our free e-book, which we’ve just published. You can look at a little video, and you can see all the resource support we have to help people to “do life” better.

MARIKA SBOROS: Well really, that’s a wonderful journey to be on. Rob, it looks like we’re about to start running out of time, but thank you very much for coming into the studio.

ROB OPIE: It’s a pleasure being here. Thank you for the invitation.

MARIKA SBOROS: Once more, for my listeners out there, the URL where you can find Rob’s free e-book, Cracking the Cancer Code is –  so there’s no ZA at the end of it. Anyone out there, if you have cancer or if you know someone, or if any of your loved ones has it, Rob is very well placed to help you at Rob, it was a real pleasure and privilege to have you in the studio.

ROB OPIE: I’m always here to help.

MARIKA SBOROS: I’m Marika Sboros, Biznews Health. Thank you very much for listening.


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