Best of BizNews Radio: Prescribed Assets debate; Search Fund investing; Richemont, Prosus and superfast 5G

In a week where South Africans have been told they can’t smack their children and we all rejoiced in the success of the Ndlovu Youth Choir, South Africans have been debating the government’s plans to introduce prescribed assets which got Andrew Canter from Futuregrowth hot under the collar. There is an interview with US immigration lawyer Bernie Wolfsdorf on the door closing on US investment visas and the fickleness of markets that wiped a couple of billion off Richemont’s value is investigated by David Shapiro. Brendan Mullen from Secha Capital tells us about a novel way of investment that is well suited to Sub-Saharan Africa and if you want to know how to get whizzing internet speed, Willem Roos from Rain tells you how you can access that. – Linda van Tilburg

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