Jaltech Cryptocurrency Notes

Bitcoin, Ether or a diversified index of cryptocurrencies

Jaltech Digital Asset Holdings (“Jaltech”) offers cryptocurrency investors the first regulated cryptocurrency investment in South Africa which will provide investors with exposure to either Bitcoin, Ether or a diversified index of cryptocurrencies. Investors may select any option or a combination thereof.

The Jaltech Large Cap Index Note is tailored for investors who are looking to broaden their exposure and diversification across multiple cryptocurrencies. The Jaltech Large Cap Index Note is made up of cryptocurrencies which have a market cap of over USD2.5 billion, (amongst other criteria).


SA’s first Companies’ Act regulated cryptocurrency investment

Jaltech’s Bitcoin Note, Ether Note or Large Cap Index Notes are the only cryptocurrency investments in the market which must comply with various regulations. Financial advisors are able to provide advice on these investments, in accordance with the Financial Advice and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act.

From a regulatory perspective, the Jaltech Cryptocurrency Notes will need to comply with regulations under the Companies Act and FIC Act throughout the investment term. As a result, a higher level of transparency, governance and accountability will be required. For example, there is a minimum standard of auditing, governance, and disclosure of information which the investment must adhere to. In addition, the Jaltech Cryptocurrency Notes may fall within the scope of “financial product” in accordance with the FAIS Act, placing the Jaltech Cryptocurrency Notes within the scope of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

From an intermediary’s perspective, those with a working knowledge of cryptocurrencies may be able advise clients on the Jaltech Cryptocurrency Notes, provided that they are licensed under the category “Securities and Instruments” or the subcategory “Debentures and Securitised Debt”.

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