Jaltech’s Cryptocurrency Basket

Jaltech’s Cryptocurrency Basket is tailored to investors who are looking for exposure to a diversified basket of cryptocurrencies that evolves as the market evolves.

The basket provides investors with a managed cryptocurrency investment whereby cryptocurrencies will be included or excluded from the basket based on the movements and developments in the market. The inclusion or exclusion of a cryptocurrency(ies) is assessed against a clear set of criteria established by Jaltech’s team of cryptocurrency experts.

The criteria aim to filter out cryptocurrencies which:

  • have a low market cap;
  • aren’t decentralised enough or have known security issues;
  • haven’t reached a significant scale;
  • don’t meet Jaltech’s liquidity requirements;
  • aren’t traded on multiple exchanges; and
  • aren’t able to be stored off of an online exchange.

Jaltech expects the criteria will over time result in investors gaining exposure to the top-performing cryptocurrencies as the basket will include and exclude cryptocurrencies over time, thus attempting to ensure that only the top-performing (higher growth and relatively lower volatility) cryptocurrencies remain in the basket.

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