Jaltech offers private individuals, institutions, and corporates a seamless, cost-effective, and a safer alternative storage option to holding cryptocurrencies themselves or on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency investors face numerous risks when holding cryptocurrencies themselves or on a cryptocurrency exchange, these risks include:

  • Crypto exchange risks: hacking and cyber-attacks of exchanges result in permanent loss of investor funds
  • Accessibility risks: investors fail to provide their partners, heirs, and financial advisors with the information to access their cryptocurrency meaning the investor’s cryptocurrency can be inaccessible upon death
  • Criminal risk: as investors hold their cryptocurrency on exchange apps on their cell phones, they are exposed to phishing attacks and the possibility of criminals forcing them to transfer their cryptocurrencies to an anonymous account

Service highlights

  • Third-Party Approval
  • In-person/virtual authentication
  • Gold standard technology provider
  • Battle-tested security platform
  • Accessible by heirs & financial advisors
  • Secure over 1000+ different types of cryptocurrencies

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