SA’s biggest church, rejects Zuma must resign call: “ZCC is above politics”

With over four million members, Limpopo-headquartered Zion Christian Church has more followers than any other in South Africa. As a result, a succession of politicians have visited Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane to garner support by association, President Jacob Zuma among them. So when someone wearing ZCC insignia was among the televised SA Council Of Churches group calling for Zuma’s resignation, Moria faithful would have interpreted it accordingly. We received an emailed letter this morning in response, signed by three ZCC dignitaries. First, it says the unidentified “ZCC official” did not have the mandate to associate the church with the call. Second, it will not pass comment as God is the only judge. Third, the ZCC has always been above politics and intends staying that way. And finally, the ZCC’s primary purpose is to pray for a peaceful country and have faith that God will deliver. We can only imagine the debate which must have raged ahead of the production of this letter. Whatever the back story, even though it is hardly an endorsement, the withdrawal of ZCC’s apparent condemnation will be a welcome birthday gift for Zuma, who turns 74 today. – Alec Hogg

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