Zuma plays to his grassroots support – “My accusers are the criminals”

As the ANC’s national working committee prepares to meet reps from the 101 ‘veterans’ deeply disillusioned with the party they’ve given their lives to, President Jacob Zuma neatly illustrated this weekend just how riven the party has become. He claims his accusers and insider-antagonists are guilty of the very crimes they are accusing him of. Playing the victim and appealing to his most reliable grassroots supporters in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu Natal at the weekend, he promised the truth would eventually out when he one day writes his autobiography. Unless he’s the world’s greatest multi-tasker (or task-switcher to be more accurate), and can write his book while managing one of the longest and most damaging presidential scandals in South African history, the truth will beat him to it. If he really knows “exactly who” is stealing, then why on earth is he not doing the right thing and exposing them? The most likely probability is that this is mere diversionary rhetoric, delivered to the unquestioning faithful, in a desperate attempt to shore up support. If you can publicly say that your biggest enemies are now those you once considered your friends, (even in politics), then you are surely in a no-win, end-game. – Chris Bateman

By Amanda Khoza

Pietermaritzburg – President Jacob Zuma on Friday told more than 3 000 ANC supporters at a cadres forum in Pietermaritzburg that he was no thief.

“You can spread lies as big as Durban. I don’t care,” Zuma told the supporters at city hall.

He said he always laughed at people who called him a dog.

Jacob Zuma's presidency as seen by Jerm. More magic at www.jerm.co.za
Jacob Zuma’s presidency as seen by Jerm. More magic at www.jerm.co.za

“I am not a dog. I am a human being. It is like people who are stealing today, they say I am stealing but they are the biggest culprits.

“Abantshontshi go,” said Zuma in IsiZulu.

“They have been investigating me over and over but they cannot find anything because I am not doing anything. If they had found anything, a lot would have gone wrong.

“The same people that are accusing me, are the ones that are stealing and I know exactly what they are stealing. I know exactly who they are.”

He told members not to be alarmed when people make accusations against the ANC.

Zuma was welcomed by thousands of supporters at Pietermaritzburg city hall on Friday to deliver his speech, in which he addressed many topics.

He said that when retires, he will write a tell-all book about his tenure as the president of the country.

He also took jibes at former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela and the EFF, without naming anyone directly, and said it was important to “know your enemy”.

Zuma said though his biggest enemies now were those he once considered friends.

He also said South Africa was not liked globally because it was independent and chose to join the Brics group, which has unsettled the “Western” balances of forces in global politics. – News24

Source: http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/i-am-no-thief-i-am-no-dog-zuma-20161119

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