Flash Briefing: Income grant too risky, warns panel; Experts warn against CCMA’s dismissal of unvaccinated employee; Guns

  • A presidential advisory panel has warned against a basic income grant for South Africa, telling president Cyril Ramaphosa that the grant would be incredibly risky and detrimental to the country’s economy. It also questioned a report commissioned by the Department of Social Development, which said that such a grant would be sustainable. The experts on the panel said the report was technically flawed and vastly underestimated the risks involved. Ramaphosa has been under pressure to introduce the basic income grant to replace the temporary R350 Covid relief grant. The basic income grant has been suggested to start at R350 and gradually scale up to the food poverty line. 
  • While the CCMA has made a favourable ruling on the first case of an employee fired for refusing to vaccinate, conflict resolution experts and legal advisors have warned companies to tread carefully. The CCMA sided with the company that dismissed the worker, but this is expected to only be the beginning, with the matter likely to move to the Labour Court, Supreme Court or even the Constitutional Court. The experts also said that the specifics of the employee’s relationship and history with the company are not known. Companies are being advised to move forward with consideration and tact when dealing with workers who refuse to vaccinate.
  • Police minister Bheki Cele says that his department is fighting a losing battle trying to keep unregistered firearms out of the hands of criminals. The minister said that there are plans afoot to digitise the registration process. In the meantime, high calibre firearms like R5 rifles are being used by criminals in South Africa to commit murder. Only police and military personnel are authorised to use those weapons. Investigations revealed that these firearms were stolen from police stations, aided by SAPS members. Cele said that the digitisation of the firearm registry would speed the process and assist in keeping track of guns.
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