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BizNews investment conference

This morning, Jeanette, Stuart, Clive and I woke up in the splendid Champagne Sports Resort in the Central Drakensberg. We’ve been visiting the resort’s management team, our business partners, finalising details for the inaugural BizNews Investment Conference to be held here next month.

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The resort is ideally placed to stage an event like this. Its buildings have plenty of space with a dozen large conference rooms, among them one that ordinarily seats 1 000 delegates. SA’s Covid regulations restrict gatherings to a maximum of 50 people. Social distancing rules are comfortably accommodated here.

Our intention is to hold the BizNews Investment conference at Champagne Sports twice a year – in March and September – as a three night, two day event. Investment focus in the mornings; leisure in the afternoons (Drakensberg Boys Choir and golf/cycling/spa); and fun in the evenings.

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Apart from presentations from Magnus Heystek and I, the investment focus will feature expert insights into property investing in the US, Europe and Mauritius. We kick off with dinner on Tuesday 16th March and end with breakfast on Friday 19th. Details in Monday’s RP – Premium members get first dibs as the event will only being opened to the rest of Biznews from Tuesday morning.


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