🔒 Alec Hogg: BizNews Investment Conference a success – also for DBC

Thanks for indulging me last week when delivery of this newsletter was suspended. An entirely sensible decision, with hindsight, considering the demands of supporting the team which made the inaugural BizNews Investment conference a success. Which it was. And then some.

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From Tuesday evening’s opening talk by Rob Caskie through to the memorable fine dining on Thursday night, every aspect of the event was terrific. Primarily because our partners at Champagne Sports Resort believe attention to detail makes all the difference. By popular demand, we’ll be back in early September.

Summaries of the presentations will appear on BizNews over the next few days, so those who couldn’t attend won’t miss out. But we cannot replicate the reaction of Drakensberg Boy’s Choir school’s headmaster Greg Brooks (above) when Jeanette handed him a R152k gift from the conference attendees.

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The DBC are world class, but the school’s well-used auditorium isn’t. After we’d watched them perform, Hennie de Klerk, one of our delegates, suggested we collect money to re-cover the badly worn seats. He got the ball rolling by donating the first R5k. Ensuring our community members went home with more than expanded minds. They also made a difference for a National Treasure.

PS The latest edition of our interactive PDF, the BizNews Digest, has just been published. Here’s the link to download it: https://bit.ly/3lurWeT

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