🔒 Alec Hogg: Witness social media’s power to unblock minds

Because of lockdown regulations, there were just 100 people in the room when PANDA-co-founder Nick Hudson delivered his keynote address at the inaugural BizNews Investment conference. It was a tour de force from the actuary who would otherwise been a medical doctor. A talk many more should have witnessed. Which they now can.

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The genius of our colleague Nadya Swart together with endorsements on social media of the video she produced, by last night almost 45 000 people had watched the half hour presentation. In the days before technology democratised information, you’d had to hire Ellis Park to accommodate that audience.

Having started my career in newspaper offices where typeset galleys of articles were manually “stripped” into manually-created page layouts, the revolution in information distribution still amazes me. There’s no middle ground for me: social media’s ability to expose voices like Hudson’s makes it a genuine force for good.

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It also encourages engagement, impossible in the old days. By last night over 275 people had taken the trouble to comment below the video comments and almost 2 000 gave it the thumbs up (47 thumbs down). Which tells us, in the Western World at least, those who believe they can control the message are delusional. The genie is very much out of that bottle.

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