🔒 Alec Hogg: Zweli Mkhize’s rational response

In my career of professional observation, it has become evident that most of us initially reject information which challenges our worldview. Only after repeated exposure do we open up to any adjustment of preconceptions. To guard against this hard-wired defect, I remind myself of Herbert Spencer’s wise words republished in the graphic above from Forbes Quotes. Two examples are referenced in today’s note…

  • First is the growing credibility of a theory that the Covid-19 virus escaped from a Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory a critical theory rather than being transmitted from a primitive “wet market”. This morning’s comment by the Editorial Board of The Wall Street Journal joins the dots. It is republished below. Also, what was first dismissed as a Trump Fantasy is being taken seriously by his successor to sanction an official investigation with a 90 day deadline. A reminder of how we sapiens need beware of “contempt prior to examination”.

  • A similar conclusion can be drawn after examining SA Health Minister Mkhize’s response to the recent media frenzy calling for his head. In his statement, Zweli Mkhize lays out the facts surrounding a highly irregular contract awarded to supposed pals. First off, Mkhize himself initiated the investigations into the Digital Vibes contract, including calling in the crack Special Investigations Unit. Second, the two ex-staffers painted as co-conspirators were low-grade members of Mkhize’s office staff – hardly people a high profile politician would trust to run a corrupt conspiracy. Click here to read Mkhize’s statement and make up your own mind where the truth lies.
  • Something lighter to brighten your morning – in the US, HBO Max will tonight air the long-anticipated reunion of hit 90s sitcom Friends. South Africans will get to see it at 8pm on Sunday when M-Net (DSTV 101) rebroadcasts. Having twice watched the entire 10 year series it’s a safe bet where I’ll be ending the weekend. The WSJ’s John Anderson is one of the few to have been afforded a head start on the rest of us – click here for his preview.


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