đź”’ Alec Hogg: Jacob Zuma is off to jail

I’m trying something different today by using the WSJ’s “free link” facility which will help you access articles mentioned in this newsletter even if you haven’t triggered your WSJ sub which comes as part of the BizNews Premium package.

First up, a couple of urgent issues and a catch-up:

– It’s Day Zero for 12J investments. If you haven’t done the necessary by close of business today, the opportunity will have passed. For the last time, here’s the link to our 12J handbook.

– It’s Day One for OrbVest’s 33rd US medical property investment. New York-based CEO Martin Freeman will take the wraps off the new building in our webinar at noon today. Join us by registering here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8453444932901532432.

– It’s Day Minus One for the BizNews Share portfolio update. If you missed yesterday’s webinar, here’s the link to the recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro_uTefQUCQ&t=26s.

* Big news of the moment is the Al Capone-type approach to noxious Jacob Zuma, nailed on a contempt of court charge which will send him to jail for 15 months. No suspended sentence. No appeal. I liked the way Corruption Watch’s Karam Singh put it into context during our interview yesterday. You can click here to read the full ConCourt judgement. And for foreign perspectives, The Times of London highlights the ANC’s call for calm while today’s Wall Street Journal focuses on how we got here.

* England’s 2-0 soccer victory over old enemy Germany last night has much of the UK in raptures. Some liken it to part of the post-Brexit rebirth. The country is certainly starting to enjoy EU-free freedom to make its own rules. One of the latest is allowing some visiting CEOs to bypass quarantine.

* One of the Wall Street Journal’s best read opinion pieces today is editorial board member William McGurn’s assessment on whether free marketeer Milton Friedman was wrong that economic reforms would drive China away from its one party state. And if you enjoy contrarian perspectives, here’s a piece on United Airlines placing its biggest ever jet order – a bet on a normalised post-pandemic future.

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