🔒 Financial Times perspective: How SA’s courts stood up to Jacob Zuma

A new addition to your Premium newsletter today as we kick off our licensing agreement with the FT. The piece republished below offers an insight into what Western Europe is reading today about the Zuma conviction. On the same tack, you may also enjoy my interview yesterday with Accountability Now’s Adv Paul Hoffman. – Alec Hogg

From the FT: How South Africa’s courts stood up to Zuma

Decision to sentence former president to jail time confirms constitutional court’s status as bulwark of democracy

in Johannesburg

When Nelson Mandela inaugurated the court that guards South Africa’s post-apartheid constitution in 1995, he warned that it would be tested not only by “direct assaults” but also “insidious corrosion”.

“The highest and the most humble in the land all, without exception, owe allegiance to the same document, the same principles,” and the court would have a lofty but also lonely task to ensure that they did, Mandela said.

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