🔒 Premium: Purple patch gets even more beautiful for Charles Savage’s exponential creation

If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth joining other members of the BizNews tribe at our next gathering in the Drakensberg, perhaps this story will nudge you in the right direction.

At the inaugural BizNews Investment Conference (BNIC#1) in March, Purple Group’s CEO Charles Savageshared his Easy Equities journey. Immediately after the presentation, an impressed audience member immediately placed an order for R80 000 worth of the shares. That phone call has to date made him a profit of R150,000.

It’s been a similarly happy story for those who replicate our BizNews share portfolio. Also on the strength of what Charles shared with us at BNIC#1, in April we invested 4% of the portfolio’s assets into Purple. It has turned out to be the best decision of 2021. In six months, the investment has risen 72%.

Yesterday Purple published a trading statement for the year to end August, once again delighting shareholders who lifted the share price another 10%.  Only recently profitable group (J-curve etc) the group will report earnings of R44m compared with R14m the previous year.  It’s lovely to on be an exponential train. Especially once it accelerates into profitability. Still not too late to climb aboard.

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