🔒 Premium: Boris leads UK out of pandemic, ends mask-wearing, abandons vaccine passports

Towards the end of last year, British prime minister Boris Johnson ignored shrills from the UK media and its over exposed punditry by refusing to take his country into another Covid lockdown.

Instead of following “experts” warning about over-run hospitals and escalating deaths, Johnson heeded information about Omicron emerging from South Africa and acted rationally. It was the right call. His reward, however, has been a ratcheting up of attempts to eject him on the basis having been at a social gathering during a lockdown.


Yesterday Johnson took a huge leap towards into a normalised future (watch above) by ending the need to show Covid certificates and stop encouraging people to work from home. Also, to ending the forced wearing of face masks, instead to “trust the judgement of the British people and no longer criminalise anyone who chooses not to wear them.”

From everything we know of Omicron, it is bizarre that sections of South Africa’s organised business and their media megaphones continue promoting a divisive mandatory vaccination policy for SA. Especially as this country is ahead of the UK on the Covid curve, even closer to the final destination of the virus mutating into a low mortality, ‘flu-like disease.

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