🔒 Premium: RW Johnson tackles Helen Zille over strategy presented at BNC#3

Last night, SA’s peerless political commentator, former Oxford Don RW Johnson, confirmed he will join us at BNC#4. Johnson is a firm favourite among the BizNews community, ranking in the same category as Helen Zille who was such a hit at BNC#3 earlier this month.

Zille, too, will be at BNC#4 – this time for one of two Fireside Chats (Paul O’Sullivan is the other). If you haven’t booked yet, best to act quickly as we’re expecting house full signs to be posted literally months ahead of the event. Click here for the booking form.


The two political heavyweights are engaged in rather public debate right now after Johnson opined that Zille’s strategy articulated at BNC#3 won’t work (click here to read his analysis) Yesterday, also on Politicsweb, the DA’s federal chair responded with an equally compelling argument, including how it’s tough to unpack strategy when you’re only allowed 20 minutes.

Zille says it’s much better to take in her full BNC#3 hour, which included 40 minutes of engagement with myself and the delegates. You can watch her presentation by clicking here, and Part One of the Q&A by clicking on the video link at the top of this page.

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