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There’s been plenty about Ivermectin in the Premium newsletter this week. First, that 13 month old interview with Dr Nathi Mdladla et al which brought us a one week “strike” in adding fresh content to the BizNews TV channel on YouTube. Then yesterday’s praise of an apparent American change of heart. 


I’m in awe of the spontaneous response we receive from our tribe. Quite a few of whom dug deeper after yesterday’s note, including Richard Muller who sent me the NIH’s 456 page document with its revised “Covid-19 Treatment Guidelines.” Thankfully, he did the actual reading. 

Richard pointed me to Page 210 of the tome which reads “The Panel recommends against the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 except in clinical trials.” So despite listing the drug on a prominent page, the US Dept of Health remains 100% aligned with wording of the WHO.

As a postscript, Richard added: “I’m neither for not against. I do however know quite a few people who believe they are alive only due to Ivermectin. Just as I know none who have been harmed by it.” Solid common sense from our investigative community member. Sense that’s not so common, however, in the portals of medical power. 

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