NUMSA the brick throwers set to cause chaos again


Numsa general secretary Irvin JimFrom Alfons Mauchle:

Hi Alec,

Thank you for your article.

As far as I am aware you are the first in the media to raise the matter of our position in the WEF on the labour indices that is most noteworthy.

I have been raising this issue ever since the last NUMSA strike in 2011 when bricks were thrown at us by strikers in Alrode. I warned David O’Sullivan then, that we are on a most dangerous road. He made a few comments but never took up the baton to publicize this matter more forcefully and to warn of the consequences.

To me it is now a law: Don’t expect job growth in position 147 (WEF). Like the Law of Gravity ( you can’t beat it but you can overcome it – with an equal and opposite force)

Allied to this is the most frightening article in Politicsweb by Irvin Jim last night!!! His communistic/leninist/stalinist  diatribe on the strike can be read on this link.

Most entrepreneurs are expecting a two week strike, but with his attitude and support by and to AMCU I expect it to last 2 months (I hope it is not too pessimistic) What the 15% increase will do is push the marginalised companies over the wall.

I don’t know if you are aware of the Metal Industries institutionalised Bonus called Leave Enhancement Pay (LEP). Last year there was a record number of applications for exemption. A proof that this sector will simply shrink into oblivion.

You and all the media, now need to take this matter to the international media and markets. The ANC can’t be allowed to leave the Labour Laws as they are.

You will say that is being negative and could affect our downgrading by the ratings agencies. If you don’t pressure the government, the downgrading and worsening of the situation will happen naturally.

Now is the time to act, internationally like the DP and business did, when they went to Dakar. We have a very short window in which to save an ever increasing gloomy situation.

Kind regards


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