Mailbox: Duduzane Zuma, us taxpayers want timeshare on your R18m Dubai flat

The leaked Gupta emails have blown open a can of worms and more is set to come as a cache of over 100 000 emails is said to exist. One of the revelations on the weekend in the Sunday Times was that the Guptas helped President Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma buy an R18m apartment in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in the new downtown of Dubai. In this open letter to Duduzane, BizNews community member Errol Horwitz floats the idea of timeshare of the flat for South African taxpayers – a quirky idea that may gain traction in weeks to come as the skeletons collapse out the cupboard… – Gareth van Zyl

By Errol Horwitz*

Hey Dudu,

It was recently reported that in 2015 you purchased a swanky Dubai flat for nearly R18m in the prestigious Burj Khalifa.

Duduzane Zuma

I am pleased your association with the Gupta brothers has not only been an enriching experience, but one that has taught you to geographically diversify your property portfolio.

Although myself and many South Africans have never met you, we do have a special relationship. As South African taxpayers we funded the purchase of your flat through an exclusive VIP funded programme, the brainchild of you know who, infamously known as ‘State Capture’.

Inasmuch as I and my fellow taxpayers are third-party beneficiaries in the purchase of your flat, we clearly share in the fruits thereof. I suggest a time-share arrangement managed by your friends at the Saxonwold compound.

I plan to be in Dubai in two weeks to check out the place, and report back to my fellow timeshare beneficiaries. Please insure a plentiful supply of Chivas and caviar, not forgetting fresh 600 thread count cotton sheets on the beds.

I, and my fellow South African taxpayers are keen to meet you. I suggest we do so over a drink – that’s what new friends do.


  • Errol Horwitz was a political activist in the 60’s, and returned to South Africa a few years ago, after residing abroad for more than three decades.
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