‘I’m as mad as hell’: 1970s Peter Finch rings true for Zupta frustrated SA today

JOHANNESBURG – The classic 1970s film ‘Network’, which stars Peter Finch, has a series of lines that ring very true in South Africa today. His famous lines, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore”, fit aptly into the country’s current state of being. Amid the daily newsflow of Gupta-linked state capture, the recession and general woes, it can be quite depressing being South African. But perhaps it’s time that we, as civilians, start to fight the good fight and makes sure the country gets on the right track. Already, the likes of OUTA are starting to push back by taking on President Jacob Zuma directly. Perhaps there’s a lesson for all of us in this classic moment of film. A BizNews reader, Bart, sent us this timely clip… – Gareth van Zyl


Taken from the brilliant 1976 film – “Network”

Having listened to the Director General of Home Affairs worming his way around the fraudulent reasons why the Gupta clan were provided with expedient citizenship –  I feel that the words of Peter Finch ring more true today than they did forty-one years ago!



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