Mailbox: ‘SARS nitpicked our small account, yet they let Zuptas off the hook’

SARSJOHANNESBURG — As the end of the tax filing season draws near, this letter to BizNews is a pertinent one. Reader John Carter looks at all the Zupta looting and wonders why SARS nitpicks a small account belonging to his wife while others are left to plunder and get away with it. It echoes other analysis out there that a tax revolt is imminent in South Africa (and probably has already started). – Gareth van Zyl

Dear Alec,

I watch the torrent of negatives as enraged as all who care!There are many issues extant regarding the banks but two are blindingly clear.

  1. A couple of years ago my wife was harassed by SARS over non-reporting on a savings account she and her sister ran to handle the fund flows on a small flat in EL. I was dragged into the contretemps and eventually discovered that;
    1. The Bank had reported the balance and interest paid.
    2. The account had a float of under R3000.
    3. Annual interest was under R100 [and well under the taxation threshold].
    4. SARS grumpiness and an audit the next year ensued with nitpicking the order of business for subsequent years on a housewife’s savings account.
  2. The BANKS watch and help Guptas, Malemas, Zumas and ‘cadres’ up and down the ANC and elsewhere;
    1. Move tens of Billions of Rands.
    2. Gordhan suggests Guptas moved over R100 000 000 000;
      1. Perhaps SARS is blinded by 33 000 000 times more money flowing through than they reported when my wife under-declared?
      2. Or do the banks use anti-reporting gloves to check big sums through their systems?
    3. While;
      1. KPMG ‘authenticates’ their legality.
      2. HSBC is ‘duped’
      3. Mckinsey shares in the loot.
      4. Others such as SAP collude in the plunder.

I learnt in business that a manager is 

  • Either competent and honest and worth nurturing 
  • Or is incurably stupid or corrupt and must be removed.

The Banks and SARS in all these cases are either incompetent or complicit!

John Carter
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