Tidy your desk Shaun the Sheep, the winds of change are blowing – O’Sullivan

JOHANNESBURG — Cyril Ramaphosa’s ascendency to power within the ANC has been welcomed by many for the positive impact it could have on the economy and the possible clean out of corrupt actors. One such person excited by the development is forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan who has this special message for NPA chief Shaun ‘The Sheep’ Abrahams. – Gareth van Zyl

By Paul O’Sullivan*


I’m sure you’ve seen this:

House of Cards: Shaun Abrahams directed by Concourt not to make decisions regarding Zuma prosecution

I’ll be watching you and your accomplices, for any breach of this. If you even dream of breaching it, you had better wake up and take cover. You’ve protected that crook long enough.

Chopped. High court rules NPA head Shaun Abrahams must vacate position. More magic available at www.zapiro.com.

I’ve already put you on terms as far as I am concerned. Your appointment was unlawful, you are therefore NOT to make any decision as far as I am concerned, or I will drag you in front of the court as quick as I can, and insist that you pay the costs thereof out of your own pocket.

You know I remarked to someone yesterday, that I can understand why small kids are so excited on Christmas Eve, as they never know what Santa Clause will bring. The person I said this to, knew full well I was talking about the ANC elective outcome. He then said to me, it was more like a father waiting at the maternity ward for the delivery of his first child and not knowing if it would be a boy or a girl.

Well Shaun, the whole country are delighted that it was a boy, not a girl. This means that the pendulum will swing the other way and you and all your accomplices at the NPA will be tickets.

The country will claim back the democracy that so many fought for. Some even paid the ultimate price for that democracy. They did not do this so that you and a handful of your corrupt accomplices could help the Zuptoids plunder South Africa of all its assets.

Tidy your desk Shaun, because the winds of change are blowing and those winds are going to cause a tornado at the NPA. That tornado will tear down the Zupta shrine you have built and will destroy the armour plating that you have ring-fenced South Africa’s largest ever crime syndicate with.

You and your accomplices have known for a very long time, what the criminals Mlotshwa and Mashuga were up to. Hell, you even condoned it. That makes you all an accessory and I will not let it go until the wheels of justice have turned on you all.

If you were a real man, you would have resigned already. Clearly you and your accomplices even a shred lack moral fibre.

None of you can stop the storm that is coming. The storm has to be of such a nature that it sends out a clear and unequivocal signal NEVER to do what you and your accomplices have done.

The truth will out!

And me? I will keep hounding you until I win and you are consigned to the scrap-heap of history.

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