Mailbox: excess deaths vs Covid-19 deaths – consequence of lockdown?

BizNews welcomes comment and feedback and publishes your letters in our Mailbox. In this Mailbox, Erik Wandrag draws our attention to the unusually high number of excess deaths in South Africa over the last two months. Over 7,000 deaths above the usual number are not officially attributed to Covid-19, which raises the question of whether these deaths are the consequence of South Africa’s stringent lockdown. – Nadya Swart

By Erik Wandrag

Good day

I’ve been looking at the stats available from the South African Medical Research Council

I have no interest/ link to this other than just a curious reader.

The table in the link (also above) shows that for the period 6 May – 7 July, excess deaths from natural causes were 10,994, but the official number of Covid deaths on 7 July were 3,502. Where does the extra 7492 come from ?

Could it be that Covid caused maximum 3,502 extra natural cause deaths and the lockdown has caused 7,492 extra natural cause deaths – people not getting treatment for other illnesses and maybe the effect of hunger/malnutrition?

You’re one of the few credible journalists, hence me sending this to you.

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