Mailbox: No Lift from this airline!

Comment from BizNews community member Dr Duncan du Bois:

Given my experience of trying to cancel a booking with LIFT, I would dispute that it is a “great airline” (BizNews, November 21).

Trawling the net looking for suitable deals on a Durban-Jhb return, my wife found a LIFT deal and provided my credit card number but did not commit, nor did we receive any actual booking confirmation details.

But, hey presto, LIFT took R4,145 off my credit card.

Within a day, having noted that expense after having booked with another agent, I cancelled the LIFT booking and asked that my cash be refunded. LIFT’s response: NO REFUNDS. Your money goes into a wallet which you can then use for your next booking.

Who is LIFT to decide when I might want to make another flight booking and why I might want to use LIFT?

Within terms and conditions. Why does LIFT not apply that basic principle?

The agent we booked with for those DBN-JHB flights has a hassle-free money-back policy if a cancellation is made, with the exception of conditions pertaining to a last-minute cancellation.

I will NOT ever use LIFT in future and would advise all prospective customers to be very wary about booking with them if the need for a cancellation arises.

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