Make your Homepage

Each browser has a different way of setting your homepage so we can’t do it for you automatically. As a general rule, though, you need to open and then set your browser to make it the home page. Here are specific instructions for the Browser that you use:



Google Chrome Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

• Open Google Chrome and enter in the address bar.

• Click on Chrome in the menu bar and then click on Preferences.

• This will take you to Settings.

• In the second section, “On Start Up” click in the third Option and on “set pages”

• Clicking on “use current pages” make the Start-up page

• Click OK.


Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer

• Open Internet Explorer.

• Type “” into the search box at the top of the browser window.

• Once you have found “”, go to toolbar at the top of browser, click on “Tools” then “Internet Options”.

• At the top of the pop-up, you’ll see a “Home Page” box. The address of the site that you are currently at ( is there. Click the “Use Current” button to specify page as your home page.



• Open Safari, put “” into the address area.

• On your menu bar, select “Safari”, “Preferences”.

• On the sixth button down the page, Homepage, click on “Set to current page”. This will automatically enter into the relevant section.

• You’re done.



• In Firefox, navigate to

• At the top of your browser window, you’ll see the Firefox tool bar. Click on “Tools”, then “Options”.

• The default option of “General” will open in the popup window.

• At the top of the window, you’ll see “Home Page Locations.”

• Click on “Use Current Page”.



• In Opera, click on “Tools”, then click on “Preferences”.

• Select the “general” tab.

• Find the section marked “Home Page”.

• Replace the existing URL with “”, or click “Current” to choose (provided it is open)