RallyCross takes to the streets of Washington, D.C

By Miles Downard *

Red Bull Global RallycrossRally Cross is quickly becoming the hottest form of motorsport in the world. Where manufacturers and fans alike used to flock to the World Rally Championship, the tide is slowly starting to shift in favour of this more spectator friendly (and arguably more fun) form of sideways action.

Citroen, for instance, who enjoyed an illustrious career in rallying that included 91 wins and 8 constructors’ championships, have declared RallyCross their new home and even went so far as to say that WRC is dead to them. Now there’s an endorsement if ever I’ve heard one.

It’s a great test of a driver’s skill, involving a circuit with sections of different road surface, along with the challenge of racing against a full field of other cars. The result is non-stop, action packed, sweaty-palm racing.

This of course means that drivers are immensely talented, with car control that surpasses anything I could ever dream to achieve.

And if there is one man in the world with well documented skill behind the wheel its Ken Block, the self-made entrepreneur who co-founded DC Shoes and later made a fortune from the sale thereof to Quicksilver.

His Gymkhana videos have received over 150 million hits on YouTube. That’s a lot. But he’s not the only kid on the block, if you’ll excuse the pun. The Red Bull Global RallyCross circuit is awash with talent.

So here’s a veteran of the sport, Rhys Millen, showing Kenny that even the old guys have a trick or two up the sleeve. Rhys was given the honour of lighting up the streets of Washington, D.C to promote the forthcoming round of the Red Bull Global Rally Cross series.

</span>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc0ZF3dTyWE<span style="color: #000000;">

* Miles Downard is the editor of BizNews Motoring