Lamborghini Urus charges into the South African luxury SUV market

By Nick Hodgson

The SUV, aka the new soccer mom car of choice. While the image may not run to my tastes, the biggest issue I have is that they’re all pretty much the same as each other. Sure there may be a differentiating factor here and there, but by enlarge one is the same as the other. Clearly we’re holding out for a hero and who better than the kind of flamboyant fire breathing supercar pin ups than Lamborghini. Enter the Urus, the shot of adrenaline that the industry is crying out for and the first SUV who’s poster can realistically adorn the walls of children around the world.

Have I driven it? Well no as this was simply the unveiling combined with the launch of Lamborghini Cape Town, however the signs for both Lamborghini South Africa and the Urus are exceptionally positive. Currently in 2018, the origins of Lamborghini in 1963 seem an absolute lifetime away, yet as I sit here today they’re enjoying the biggest boom in their history, enjoying 10% growth, a turnover of 1 billion euros and doubling their plant size. Some of that money has even been successfully pumped into Motorsport, with Lamborghini winning the 12 hours of Sebring and 24 hour Daytona.

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Back to the Urus though. For sure its a look into the future of Lamborghini and more specifically the recognition of the changing market demands, but the heart of it still beats strongly with Italian passion. Step inside and you’re greeted with one of the most amazing interiors you’ve ever laid eyes on. Sure there’s the usual leather and aluminum, but pay attention to the details, how everything lines up, all the design elements combine perfectly together and then drink in that centre console. Easy to see the fighter jet inspiration, yet I can guarantee it will never get old putting the car into reverse by pulling back on that massive lever.

Lamborghini clearly knows its customer base and the Urus proves that there is going to be a bright, forward thinking future with the brand. What the car drives like has yet to be seen, but if first impressions are anything to go by then it can be safely assumed that this SUV is going to stand out from the crowd and then some. If you’re thinking of getting one though you’d better get your name on the list pronto as you’re looking at a 12 month waiting period. Good things as they say do come to those who wait though.